Prayer Language

If you’re thinking I am going to talk about speaking in tongues, I’m not. This is a different kind of prayer language. One that does not require a spiritual gift, or an ecstatic experience of divine revelation.

Kelly Prayer Chapel is without a doubt my favorite building on Olivet’s campus. When I lived in Chapman there was never a time when there was absolute silence in the building. There was always some noise going on in the background. In Kelly Prayer Chapel however, there was absolute silence. It’s a great place to escape the worries of schoolwork and anything else that may be on your mind. Even into my sophomore year living in Stratford apartments away from inner-campus I still find myself there quite frequently. The discipline of prayer has always been something that I have strived for. I have always longed to have a strong prayer life. When I went to Argentina on a mission trip this past May, one thing we did was prayer from four in the morning to six in the morning. This level of discipline opened my eyes to the practice of prayer and I can honestly say I haven’t been the same since that trip. Prayer is something not that I strive to do, but an attitude that I strive to maintain with the Lord’s help.

This prayer language that I am talking about is something that everyone already has, and sometimes cannot even be put into words. This prayer language is our feelings. Sometimes feelings and emotions can be so intense that there are no words that give them justice. When I encounter something in my life that carries with it intense emotion I often just visualize myself holding those feelings with open hands, presenting them to God. Not necessarily always even with the intention of giving them over to the Lord. This is always a humbling moment for myself because I visualize myself standing before the throne of the Lord in an emotionally vulnerable state, which to me is never exactly fun for me. Sometimes I’m just so caught up in what I am feeling that I just need to show God what it is that I am feeling. Language can’t always do what I need it to do. Sometimes it takes another form of communication to get across what I need to say. Luckily I serve a God who is fluent in all forms of communication. I would encourage and challenge you, the reader, to take up this prayer language because sometimes words aren’t as accurate, honest, or as descriptive as we think they are.


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