A Book Review… Of Sorts

This past week I sat on a chair in Myrtle Beach South Carolina determined to read Ian Cron’s Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me a memoir… of sorts. I have heard only good things about this book. I wanted to share my thoughts about this book and hopefully encourage you to read it as well.

I am not going to describe the whole plot, but give a glimpse into this storyline. The story is about Ian Cron’s journey through his life. Ian Cron and his family live in New England and that is where almost the whole book takes place. Ian Cron’s father is an alcoholic and works for the CIA. That’s pretty much all I want to say because any more and you might as well read the whole book.

There is not much to be critical about in this book. This book is Ian Cron’s testimony so there is not much room for me to be critical unless I am skeptical of his religious experience (hint: I am not skeptical of any of Ian Cron’s religious experiences). This book is full of heartbreaking stories that some of you, the readers, could identify with.

One weird fact about me is that I enjoy watching the same movies multiple times. I love stories and even more I love the art of telling a good story. I could listen to the same story all day as long as it is told in an interesting and captivating manner. Ian Cron does this beautifully. Along with this amazing a heartbreaking story Ian Cron is a fantastic writer. The creative metaphors that are used in this book bring to life both humor and tragedy in Ian Cron’s story. There are times I was heartbroken for the pain that Ian Cron describes and there are times when I was laughing out loud like an idiot on the beach. Language is important and Ian Cron does a great job at carefully choosing words and shaping them in such a way to convey his ideas in a clear and crisp way.

The bottom line is that Ian Cron’s story is heartbreaking and encouraging at the same time and I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good book to read.


Here is amazon link to the book: Click Here to fly to Amazon


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